Subtitles for Sherlock Hound

The adventures of the canine detective Sherlock Hound and his loyal companions Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson and Inspector Lestrade.

Release: 08/27/2008

IMDB: 7.5

Genders: Crime, Comedy, Animation

Countries: Japan

Time: 24 min

Updated: 17 days ago


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Vietnamese [PDV] Meitantei.Holmes.E05.NTSC.DVD.DD2.0.x264-SDvB 2 years ago 2 19.7KB file ass và srt
Vietnamese [PDV] Meitantei.Holmes.E03.NTSC.DVD.DD2.0.x264-SDvB 2 years ago 2 21.6KB file ass và srt
Vietnamese [PDV] Meitantei.Holmes.E02.NTSC.DVD.DD2.0.x264-SDvB 2 years ago 2 23.7KB file ass và srt
Vietnamese [PDV] Meitantei.Holmes.E01.NTSC.DVD.DD2.0.x264-SDvB 2 years ago 2 13.5KB file ass và srt